Bedfordshire Education Academy

Student Facilities


At Bedfordshire Educational Academy (BEA), we have a small library with a selection of course manuals that students are able to use as a reference guide. In addition, students can use the Luton Central Library which is only 5 minutes away from our location and is free to use.
The address is:
Luton Central Library,
St George Square,
Luton, Beds LU1 2NG
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Sporting Facilities
At BEA, unfortunatelywe do not have any facilities for sport activities. However our students can join the following recreation club which is locally based:
Vauxhall recreation club,
20 Gipsy lane,
Luton, Beds LU1 3JH

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Internet and PC facility
At BEA, we offer free internet access to students and have a fully networked suite of computers that students can use to do their research as well as to send emails.

Printing and copying
At BEA, we offer free printing and copying to students for material that is relevant to their studies and courseworks.
There is a kitchen area where students and staff can make their teas and coffees. Drinking water is available through the water fountain. Hot or chilled water is available free of charge at all times. There are lots of restaurants in the area where student and staff can purchase a variety of food. Please note that consumption of any food or drink should be in the kitchen area. If unsure, you need to ask a member of staff.